We provide on-the-spot repairs for your phones and tablets at your doorstep. We do repairs at your home, office or any nearby location of your preference. Repairs will only take 20 to 40 minutes. You can save time and have the peace of mind of getting your device repaired right in front of you.


How to quickly tell if your iPhone battery need to be replaced? The battery lifespan will deteriorate over time with usage. According to Apple, iPhone battery can charge up to 500 cycles before the battery performance start to drop.
Everytime we charge our iPhone, it uses one cycle and continous charging over 1.5 to 2 years will cause the battery lifespan to drop

iPhone Repair PH

1. Download Reliable Battery App from the iTunes App Store

There are great battery apps that can inform you the condition of your battery. Download one of them. These app will provide an overview of battery performance & usually come with indicator of the remaining battery life. If these apps tell you that your battery is in poor condition, you need to replace them.

iPhone Repair PH

2. Go to: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

On the top, view Low Power Mode If the iPhone battery.
If there is a message shown:'Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced' then your iPhone battery need to be replaced


iPhone Repair PH

The repair is done at your preferred time and convenience at the comfort of your home or office.

iPhone Repair PH

Our iSpecialists went through thorough interviews and technical tests to ensure that they are experts with device repairs.

iPhone Repair PH

Get your device back to life fast! (Just 30 minutes for iPhones & 1 hour for iPad).

iPhone Repair PH

3 months warranty for your repairs at no cost for your peace of mind

Reliable iPhone Repair in Manila

Fynd is an iPhone repair service provider headquartered in Singapore with branches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines. We have extensive and comprehensive experience in iPhone repair and many happy iPhone repair customers in Manila and beyond.


Select issue iPhone Repair PH

Step 1 - Select your Phone issue

Pricing is quoted based on your selected issue. We use only best parts and price is reasonable.

select location iPhone Repair PH

Step 2 - Select your preferred venue & timing.

You can choose the venue to be at home, at office or nearby cafe. There is total convenience & save time.

technician comes to you iPhone Repair PH

Step 3 - Certified technician comes over to repair in front of you.

There is total trust and security of your personal data. Payment made after repair is done to your satisfaction.


Fynd has been well received since its inception in Singapore in 2015. The company has been featured in various articles, focusing on the innovative services of the sharing economy from leading media.

iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH
iPhone Repair PH


Fynd uses only top quality parts. We provide 90 days warranty for our repair.

We provide a transparent pricing on our website, you can get your repair prices by stating the model of your device and the issue you are facing, and a price quote will be generated automatically. Alternatively, you can call us at (+632) 705-1734 ext. 1371 or 1374 and we will assist you.

The glass component of your iPhone screen is not only for display and user interface, but also acts as protection to the inner components on the device. If your iPhone screen is cracked, it will expose the inner part of your phone and risk further damage. Fynd provides the most reliable and convenient iPhone screen repair in Manila

If you have further queries or need more information, do check out our Repair FAQ (Frequently Asked Question).